Kyrios extends her divine powers to intervene in global environmental catastrophies.

Bringing southerly rains to douse the forest fires in Siberia, Russia

13 July 2020 - 13 August 2020

Since the beginning of the year, over 9.26 million hectares of land has been impacted by wildfires. Russian weather services also reported that the wildfires this year was 9.6% greater than that of 2019 during the same period. Apart from the burning of boreal forests in the region, the northern tundra regions and carbon-rich peatlands are also set ablaze, releasing long sequestered carbon deposits into the atmosphere, intensifying the greenhouse effect and worsening global warming.

Upon being informed of the severity of Siberia’s wildfires, Kyrios observed the situation there with her clairvoyance and decided to intervene in a bid to mitigate the impacts of such a disaster on the climate crisis we are currently facing.

Kyrios begins to ease the rainfall in China

10 July 2020 - 24 July 2020

Upon "observing" heavy rains pouring in many parts of China leading to unprecedented floods, on 10 July at 12pm SGT, Kyrios decided to begin reducing the rainfall in areas surrounding the Three Gorges Dam (三峡大坝) at China's Yichang City.

Kyrios begins to ease the rainfall in Japan

10 July 2020 - 18 July 2020

Kyrios decided to intervene in the torrential rains in Japan in conjunction with her relief efforts in China. Upon "observing" the conditions in Japan, Kyrios decided to begin reducing the rainfall on 10 July at 12pm SGT (GMT +8).

Stopping Yellowstone Volcano in Wyoming and Weishan Volcano in HeiLongJiang from Erupting

24 June 2020 (Monitoring)

Recently, Kyrios “observed” that the volcanic field in Heilongjiang, China, and the Yellowstone supervolcano had shown signs of restlessness. Hence, on 24 June, Kyrios began praying to Heavenly Father (The Creator) and imparting her energy to prevent the two volcanoes from erupting in future.

Kyrios attempts to eliminate Covid-19

9 Feb 2020 - developing

From 9 - 24 Feb, Kyrios took action to eliminate Covid-19 from Singapore, Malaysia and China. She stopped after that, and only started again on 30-March in selected areas. Find out more as we update you on how Kyrios plans to eliminate Covid-19. In the meantime, protect yourself with her home-made concoction that's been shown to guard against this virus.

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Stopping Taal Volcano in Philippines from Erupting

19 Jan 2020 - 31 Jan 2020

While working on the Australia bushfires, Kyrios is also now preventing the Taal volcano in Philippines from erupting. Update 1: Kyrios has "sealed" the volcano and it will not erupt. Update 2 (14-Feb'20): Taal Volcano Alert Level lowered to 2. Update 3 (19-Mar'20): Taal Volcano Alert Level lowered to 1.

Ending Australia Bushfires

7 Jan 2020 - 26 Feb 2020

Kyrios is set to intervene again in this Australia bushfire crisis that has engulfed over 16 million hectares of land. Watch this space closely, as she predicts the Australia bushfire crisis will end in 2-7 week's time!

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Fighting back the fires in the Amazon Rainforest

14 Aug - 6 Sep 2019

What began as an intervention to stop the Siberian fires in mid-August has led to more action against fires in other areas of the world. Due to the importance of the Amazon rainforest as a carbon sink, Kyrios has also intervened in the fires in Amazon rainforest. These images taken on 21 Aug show a marked reduction in the forest fires as a result of the rain clouds moving south.
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Stopping the largest wildfires in Siberia, Russia

11 - 24 Aug 2019

The world's largest forest in Siberia, Russia has been engulfed in more than two months of wildfires. Bloomberg on 9 Aug reported that more than 7 million hectares have already been consumed by fire. No rain is forecasted which means the fires are expected to continue. Many other areas in the Arctic Circle are also experiencing record high wildfires. Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service writes that "Arctic wildfires are especially worrisome as particulate matter is more likely to settle on icy areas. This darkens the ice, leading to sunlight being absorbed rather than reflected, which could exacerbate global warming."
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About Kyrios

Ever since Kyrios received her divine powers from a young age, she has devoted her life to better humanity and the world. To that end, she has been actively healing people regardless of their background and intervening in global disasters without accepting any payment.

Kyrios' understanding of the universe extends beyond the current scientific paradigm. Through her extraordinary comprehension and perception, she is able to predict the future of individuals and the world with uncanny accuracy.

But as someone who appreciates the privacy and peace brought by having a low profile, Kyrios is not fond of publicising her actions or knowledge. Nonetheless, the present crisis compels Kyrios to step outside her comfort zone to unite all people towards a common cause: Save World, Save Life, Save Yourself.

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True Testimonials

Kyrios has helped thousands of people to date. Hear first hand accounts of some of these miracles.

真故事 | 34岁的我,头脑像面包发霉了!

在我工作范围时常看到人面对死亡,我不以为然,觉得一切是正常的。 如今当我面对随时将会离开人间时,我害怕了。万分感激kyrios,让我还有明天。 At 34 years old, my brain became mouldy! At my workplace, I often saw people face their demise, yet I felt as if they were perfectly natural and did not think much about them. Now, when I was about to leave the human realm, I was terrified. Thank you, Kyrios, for enabling me to have a "tomorrow".

真故事 | 脓肿块爆炸的那瞬间真爽!| Divine Healer

肿块意味着肿瘤的开始, 肿瘤会演变癌症,别低估一粒肿块,所以必须预防胜于治疗。 An abnormal swelling may be the early stages of a tumour, and the tumour may evolve into cancer. Prevention is better than Cure; do not underestimate an abnormal growth.

真故事 | 为什么偏偏是我?不断地接到坏消息

为了活命,我被宰割3次,只可以默默承受,感谢她帮我弥补我的缺陷。Why must it be me?The bad news kept on coming. To survive, I was placed under the knife thrice, and I endured the ordeals silently. I am grateful to her restoring my defective body.

真故事 | 一股气,让我发冷,让我翻白眼,让我很难受

我胸口很痛,感觉昏昏沉沉,幸亏有你在我身边. A cold energy chilled me; my eyes rolled back--It was terrible. My chest was struck by an excruciating pain and I was losing my consciousness. Luckily, you were by my side.

真故事 | 13岁男孩,一夜之间瘫痪了

My 13 year-old son was paralysed overnight. The 6-month golden period of recovery had passed. As the 13 year-old child and his family began to accept the reality of his paralysis, a miracle occurred. 六个月的恢复黄金时间已过了,家人与13岁男孩开始接受瘫痪的事实,直到奇迹出现。

真故事| A call saved me from the extreme pain

My sudden pain was relieved through a phone call, allowing me to pass the night peacefully. 一通电话使我免于极度痛苦通过电话,帮我舒解突而其来的疼痛, 让我平安的度过那个夜晚。

真故事| 当人走到尽头时,天就是你的依靠

Peiling的经验: 预言是个机会,珍惜是个宝。是Kyrios 给了她希望,给了她更多孝顺的时间。In life, when you reach a dead end, you can rely on Heaven. A prophecy presents a second chance; appreciation is a treasure indeed. Kyrios gave her hope, extending the time for her to fulfil her filial obligations.

预言| 眼睛竟然比高科技的扫描器更精准?

当医生检测不到你的病情时,是否真的就代表着没有任何病情?这段视频描述了Karen Ahying 的真实经历,敬请观看!When the doctor fails to detect your medical conditions, is it true that you do not have them? This video is about the personal experience of Karen Ahying, watch on to find out more!

真故事| Due to his swollen eye, he witnessed the impossible miracle

因为一颗红肿的眼睛,看透不可能有的奇迹。这视频描述了Michael Yip: 我的眼睛。。。当医生帮不到我,她如何把不可能变成奇迹。 The experience of Michael Yip:My was so painful! But the doctor couldn't help me. Can she do the impossible with a miracle?

COVID-19 Singapore Case 127

“我们很感恩她,谢谢她。” — 新加坡新冠病毒 COVID-19 病患,病例127 当病例127感染新冠病毒COVID-19并于2020年3月5日被隔离在陈笃生医院后,她便开始出现许多症状,令她难以忍受。 幸好,她可以通过电话联系Kyrios。从2020年3月7日起,随着Kyrios为她每日进行隔空疗法,她的症状开始缓解。最终,病例127的病情稳定下来并于2020年4月6日完全康复。 “We are very grateful to her (Kyrios), and thankful.” — Singapore COVID-19 Patient Case 127 Upon contracting COVID-19 and being isolated on 5 March 2020, Case 127 struggled to cope with the many debilitating symptoms of the disease, to the point that it became unbearable. Luckily, Kyrios was a call away, and from 7 March 2020 onwards, her symptoms began to ease with Kyrios’ daily healing. Eventually, Case 127’s condition stabilised, and she made a full recovery on 6 April 2020.

真故事| 早产儿的心孔,爸爸的心痛真故事| 早产儿的心孔,爸爸的心痛

如何治疗心房间隔缺损(ASD),即早产婴儿心脏的一个洞? 在这么短的时间内治愈确实是一个奇迹。A hole in the premature newborn’s heart broke her father’s heart. How to cure Atrial Septal Defect (ASD), a hole in the heart of a premature baby? To be cured in such a short time…it was a miracle indeed!