Kyrios recommends that people with cancer avoid these food. This is especially important for patients seeking her help. Diet is instrumental in the success rates. If unsure, please verify.

Food to avoid (non-exhaustive):

  • All types of mushroom 所有菇类
  • Meat and fish dishes 含有肉或鱼的菜肴
  • Fried food and stir fry food 油炸以及煎炒食物
  • Any vitamin or nutritional supplements / protein shakes 任何维生素或营养补充品/调制饮料奶昔 (类似增肌粉)
  • Peanut 花生
  • Durian 榴莲
  • Chocolate 朱古力 / 巧克力
  • Seafood 海鲜类
  • Kang Kong Vegetable 空心菜
  • White sugar and sweet food 白糖和甜食
  • Spicy food with chilli, peppers, curry 辣椒、胡椒粉、咖喱
  • MSG 味精
  • Yam 芋头
  • Beverages such as chocolate, tonic, alcohol 美禄,补品,酒
  • Snacks such as wholemeal biscuits, toast breads, cakes, etc 全麦饼干、烤面包、蛋糕 、等等
  • Consume less soya bean products 少吃豆类食品 (包括豆腐)