This is guidance specifically for patients that Kyrios is helping

Drink 2-3 cups of water every morning with an empty stomach. (water with ph value of 7.3-8)

Meals such as rice with greens, especially bitter gourd, and soup with vegetables and ginger. Small amount of vegetarian ingredient (such as the vegetarian fish and vegetarian meat) is allowed.

Fruits especially green kiwi are beneficial. However, tropical fruits (eg. mango / jackfruit) are to be avoided. Cancer patient with diabetes is recommended to eat citrus fruits which are sour, eg. lemon.

Coffee black (Kopi-O kosong) and tea (Teh-O kosong) with no sweetness is allowed.


白饭可配蔬菜类(尤其苦瓜)一起进食, 还有将蔬菜和姜一起煮汤,用少许斋料配搭( 只能采用素鱼和香素G)

多吃水果,尤其可以多吃青色奇异果。 不过要记住不可以吃湿热水果(芒果/ 菠萝蜜). 如果是患有糖尿病或血糖高的癌症病患尽量吃些酸性的水果或柠檬。

可以喝无加任何糖分的茶(Teh-O kosong)和咖啡乌 (Kopi-O kosong)

Weekly Breakfast Menu (早餐 每周)

Day Food
Monday 星期一 Sweet potato porridge 番薯粥
Tuesday 星期二 Pumpkin porridge 金瓜粥
Wednesday 星期三 Coriander porridge 芫须粥
Thursday 星期四 Spinach porridge 波菜粥
Friday 星期五 Plain porridge 空白粥
Saturday 星期六 Tomato porridge 番茄粥
Sunday 星期天 Potato & carrot millet congee 马铃薯和红罗卜小米粥