Crisis Intervention - Australia Bushfires

Last Updated: 14 March 2020

Prediction: Bushfires will be extinguished within 2 to 7 weeks.

It has only been a few months since the wildfires of Siberia and Amazon rainforests and we now have yet another devastating uncontrolled fire in Australia. Over 10 million hectares have been consumed by the bushfires, and ecologists from the University of Sydney have estimated over a billion animals have perished or been injured. Thousands of australians have been evacuated, homes and communities destroyed and 28 lives have been lost to date. For more information on the Australia bushfires, follow BBC's comprehensive reporting.

Before Kyrios intervention

100+ bushfires, lack of rainfall, heat, strong winds and expected worsening of bushfires
12 Dec 2019

No rain til April

There will be no relief for drought-ravaged regions over the summer, with Bureau of Meteorology officials telling a meeting of state and federal ministers there would be no significant rain until at least April. The Australian
2 Jan 2020

Dangerous weather for blazes this weekend

With more than 100 bush fires raging in New South Wales alone, Australia is bracing for a new round of extreme fire weather this weekend... The Washington Post
4 Jan 2020

Hundreds of animal carcasses line the roads's not just the people that suffer, it's all the's just heartbreaking to come along here... animals trying to get out — Time
7 Jan 2020

Heat wave expected in the coming week

Firefighters on the ground were making the most of a few days of cooler temperatures in the southeast to prepare for the expected return of heat and wind later this week that is expected to fan the existing blazes and spark new ones. NBC News
8 Jan 2020

Challenging Fire Conditions

Communities in the south and east of the country should once again prepare for some challenging fire conditions Australian Bureau of Meteorology
10 Jan 2020

240,000 urged to evacuate in Victoria

Australia urged nearly a quarter of a million people to evacuate their homes on Friday and prepared military backup as authorities said the next few hours could be “very, very challenging.” CNBC

After some brief deliberation, Kyrios together with her disciples and followers decided to embark on a prayer mission to Australia. On Sunday, 12-Jan, Kyrios and over a hundred of her followers across Singapore, Malaysia and Australia held a joint prayer session in a bid to seek divine intervention and help to end the bushfires. This was livestreamed on Facebook to create greater awareness. Kyrios, in solidarity with the Australians, wanted to show that regardless of nationality, race and religion, that we are in this together and we should do whatever we can to help.

Timeline of Kyrios Intervention

3-Jan 2020


Kyrios reflected on the catastrophic bushfires and commented that this calamity is a collective karmic consequence. A humble and inclusive philosophy towards others and a reduction in meat-based diets are some of the changes necessary to improve the overall karma of a country. Whereas discrimination, arrogance, egocentric-ness and taking of animal lives are negative traits that will lead to poor karma.

7-Jan 2020

Solidarity with the Australians

After much deliberation, Kyrios decides to intervene and help in the Australia bushfires. She considered the impact of the bushfires on Earth's core, global climate, and of the lives and homes lost.

In a first of such interventions, she also feels it is worthwhile to travel to Melbourne. Along with her disciples and followers, she wishes to demonstrate solidarity with the Australians, that regardless of nationality, race or religion, we should always band together to help one another in need. On this trip, Kyrios will pray to the heavens for divine intervention and help to end this destructive bushfires in Australia.

It is true that with the recent Siberia wildfires, the Amazon rainforest fires and many more examples in the past, Kyrios has been able to help even when she is not physically present. There are however many reasons to justify the trip to Australia:

  1. It has been observed that whereever Kyrios goes, the weather climate tends to become milder, whether it's winter or summer.
  2. Kyrios wants to show the Australians, that even though we are not of the same nationality, race or religion, that we are all still humans, and of brothers and sisters, and that we understand and feel their plight. Whereever there is pain and suffering, we should have the compassion and empathy to help.
  3. Kyrios, along with her disciples and followers, also hope to move the heavens by showing how much we are willing to take action, as well as to sacrifice our time, energy and to put aside our commitments, all in a bid to help the Australians.
8-Jan 2020

Prayers begin

Kyrios start prayers in Singapore. Joint prayers with Kyrios' followers across Singapore, Malaysia and Australia are planned on 12-Jan 2020.

Prediction: In 2-7 weeks' time, bushfires across Australia will be extinguished by persistent and heavy rainfall, sometimes with snow as well.

From our observations and understanding, she requires absolute silence and peace in order to visualise and consider all the outcomes possible. Some things are also predestined, which may be due to many reasons, and cannot be easily changed. To enact changes, she has to obtain consent and also support from the heavens. Sometimes, her predictions also depend on other external factors, which can influence the speed or timing. Her predictions often coincide with prayers as well. The purest of hearts and mind are also needed to move the heavens.
11-Jan 2020

Dire situation

To add urgency to the Australian bushfire crisis, Kyrios says that without the fires abating soon, several areas in Australia will start to experience food shortage. Worryingly, she also says that many eastern parts of Australia will sink if the fires are not put out soon.

12-Jan 2020
10:00am (SGT)1:00pm (AEDT)

Joint prayers in Singapore, Malaysia and Australia

From Melbourne, Kyrios led prayers with her disciples and followers for rain, snow and hail, and for the bushfires to be put out. The reason Kyrios prays for snow and hail is to reduce the occurance of floods, and to help cool the land. Many other members of the public joined in, and this was streamed live from Singapore, Malaysia and Australia on Facebook Live. In total, over 100 people from different faiths, race and nationalities participated.

In addition to prayers, Kyrios also performed rites to create more favourable weather for the bushfires to ease.

Media from multiple news outlet in Malaysia attended and featured this prayer session prominently on both their online and print editions.

From her experience in dealing with the Siberia wildfires, she notes that big fires can be very damaging to the soil and the underlying layers, including Earth's core. The ground can take many years before it recovers, from which new life can then spring from. With the Siberian wildfires, heavy sustained rain, soaking the grounds, helped to cool the land. With climate warming, Earth's core has already become hotter, and she warns that further warming will lead to even more calamities, including volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

Prayers for snow and hail will help the land already parched by drought and fires to cool and recover. It will also reduce the incidence of flash floods and other risks of surface run-offs. Despite Australia's summer climate, she is confident blocks of ice will fall in several areas of Australia.

13-Jan 2020

2nd day of prayers + Media coverage

Kyrios' disciples and her followers continue praying in Melbourne, while also speaking to passerbys. Malaysia news media outlets also feature our prayer session in their print newspapers.

Sudden worsening of air quality in Melbourne

While in Melbourne, temperatures rose during the day to over 30°C. Around 10.30pm, air quality and visibility dropped and burnt smell filled the air. Alarmed at the sudden change in air quality, Kyrios notes that the bushfires around Melbourne and in East Gippsland have worsen. Worried, she rushed back to her apartment and commenced her prayer and rites at 11.45pm. She continued for another two hours, in a bid to raise humidity and seed the formation of clouds over Melbourne and the surrounding regions.
14-Jan 2020

Appealing to the heavens

Kyrios makes an earnest plea to the heavens to help in the Australia bushfires. She recounts the innocent wildlife killed, and the potential permanent destruction to the land.

3rd day of prayers

Kyrios and her disciples and followers in Australia gather to pray at the Melbourne Airport prior to leaving.

Prayers answered! Heavy thunderstorms in Eastern Australia forecasted

In the afternoon, Australian Bureau of Meteorology, along with several news outlets, featured prominently the onset of heavy thunderstorms due the next day, on 15-Jan. They forecast heavy rains of 30 - 80mm in several areas across eastern Australia, with heavy rain expected to continue into the weekend.

14-Jan 2020 BOM Weather Update
15-Jan 2020

Rain has arrived, bringing relief to areas burning

The forecast for rain has materialised! Rain has arrived in eastern Australia! Heavy rains of over 40mm were recorded in Melbourne. Almost 20mm of rain also fell in East Gippsland, where bushfires have been particularly widespread. Other areas in Sydney and Brisbane also recorded heavy rainfall. In Geelong, hail was also reported.

16-Jan 2020

Sustained rain brings relief to bushfires in NSW/ACT

Humidity has been building on the east coast for the past week and that wet air has already moved down to Tasmania and Victoria.

Downpours have already helped to extinguish 32 bushfires in New South Wales as the number of blazes fell from 120 to 88 on Thursday morning. Daily Mail

Prediction: Noting the hail in Geelong the previous day, Kyrios says that a total of 2-4 areas in Australia will experience hails. Hail is to help reduce the temperature on the ground. Kangaroo Island will also rain in a few days time.

17-Jan 2020

Rainfall from 15 to 17 January

Sustained rainfall across Eastern Australia from 15-Jan to date has extinguished many bushfires.

15-Jan 2020 Nine News Australia - Major rain event hits Australia’s bushfire zones 15-Jan 2020 The Guardian - 2020-01-15 The Guardian Rain brings relief and flash floods to eastern Australia 16-Jan 2020 ABC News - NSW sees decent rainfall across many fire grounds 16-Jan 2020 The Telegraph - Heavy rain gives some relief to fire-ravaged Australia

Prayers for more rain in East Gippsland

Although rain has put out bushfires in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, the rains have not yet extinguished the bushfires still raging in East Gippsland. With this, Kyrios continues her prayers with the aim of bringing more rain to southeast Australia.

19-Jan 2020

Australian Bureau of Meteorology issues new forecasts of more rain in Victoria

Hailstones in Melbourne!

Kyrios prayed for and predicted that there will be hail in 2-4 areas several days ago. Today, hail in a second area has now been reported!

Hailstones up to 5cm in diameter were reported in eastern suburb Glen Iris, while fire-affected catchments in north-eastern Victoria and East Gippsland are now on flood watch. ABC News

Heavy rainfall arrives in East Gippsland

Since 15-Jan, rain has mostly fallen in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane whereas in East Gippsland, rain remained largely elusive. That led to numerous bushfires persisting there. As such, two days earlier on 17-Jan, Kyrios renewed her prayers for rain in East Gippsland. Amazingly, her prayers have been answered and East Gippsland saw heavy rain of over 40mm today!

20-Jan 2020

Large amounts of hailstone falls in Canberra

Another hailstone storm reported in Canberra, at Parliament House! Third such event now.

Huge hailstones have rained down on Canberra as dangerous storm cells move across the south-east of Australia. Nine News Australia

22-Jan 2020

Rain across ACT in the past week

Recently, a complex low-pressure system moved over southeast Australia, and tapped into this moisture source to result in the severe storm activity that we saw in Melbourne and Canberra in days gone by, said Eadie. Mashable

Sustained rains, including hail, have fallen across the Australian Capital Territories, where the fiercest bushfires have been raging. Believe it or not, this amount of rain would not have arrived had Kyrios not intervened. In the Mashable article cited above, the writer even notes that:

It seems Australia is just that lucky.

Before Kyrios intervened, the situation was very dire (see above). When Kyrios tried to bring rains on the night of 13-Jan, twice, she encountered resistance. She later recounted to us that this calamity is predestined and is due to the country and the people's misdeeds, whether committed due to ignorance or not. If she were to intervene, she would be going against heaven's will.

Thankfully though, her pleas were heard, and the heavens agreed to let Kyrios help. Kyrios also said that for such intensity of fires to be put out, the rains have to be especially heavy. She'd hope that there would be hail or snow instead, to avoid damaging floods.

Click to expand. Rains arrived on 15-Jan. Observe the reduction in hotspots. After this past week's rainfall, some bushfires still remain although the intensity and danger it poses to the communities are no longer as severe. We await word from Kyrios on her next action.

28-Jan 2020

Forests and their importance to our planet

Today, we are enlightened to the importance of trees and the soil beneath, to our climate and planet. Apart from being the "lungs" of our planet, the Australian bushes, rainforests, and the boreal forests actually all play a very important role in moderating our Earth's core temperature.

Trees and their symbiotic relationship with the soil beneath together help moderate temperatures and prevent the land from heating up. "Living" soil absorbs air, filters dust and other pollutants, and releases clean air back again into the atmosphere. The act of releasing air also helps the ground cool down. When such trees are cleared and/or burnt, the soil beneath "dies" and no longer "respires" or "breathes" (i.e. cracked, parched land). The ground then heats up, and such pent up heat then travels across the land and into our Earth's core. This has the unseen effect of raising global temperatures further. A heated up Earth core will also awaken and cause more volcanic activity.

We need to do better to protect our forests and land! This is why Kyrios acted so anxiously to save the boreal forests in Siberia, the tropical rainforests in Amazon, and now the Australia bushes. Without the sustained heavy rain, the scorched land will not recover for many years to come.

Fire conditions worsen in NSW and Victoria

More fires could flare again across New South Wales and Victoria with an extreme heatwave expected for parts of both states on Friday, while a slow-moving low pressure system is pushing torrential rain across Queensland.
A cold front is expected to move through NSW on Monday or Tuesday next week, bringing the extreme temperatures back down. Storms are expected on Friday afternoon across western Victoria, bringing much needed rain to the region, but the rainfall is unlikely to be widespread in the east. The Guardian

31-Jan 2020

Pause / Public comments

In recent days, Kyrios read comments made by people online on the extreme weather and was quite disappointed. She commented that people should not blame the heavens. They should instead pray to the heavens for the return to normalcy of Australian weather. Such conditions are due to sins created in the past, and Australians should come together and pray to the heavens for help. Kyrios is also willing to join in and plead together with the Australians.

Kyrios is also aware that despite the respite from the rains in the week of 13-Jan, the bushfires have once again been intensifying over the last few days, with risks of fires flaring again from the higher temperatures. Nonetheless, preoccupied by the Taal volcano in Philippines and more, Kyrios did not take additional action against the bushfires over the past few days.

And meteorologists warn that, for the moment, the intense weather and elevated fire risk in Australia is set to continue. BBC

If you are a BOM meteorologist, please get in touch with us.

01-Feb 2020

Celebrating Heavenly Father's Day; More prayers

Kyrios was informed that the bushfires are now endangering the residents in Australia's capital, Canberra. Alarmed at this, during Heavenly Father's Day celebrations on this night, she also prayed for rain and hailstones to help put out the bushfires once more.

More dangerous bushfire conditions

Bushfires continue to burn across NSW, the ACT and Victoria, in what’s been a weekend of wild weather so far. Spot fires and embers are adding to the bushfire risk in southeast NSW where the five blazes continue to burn across the state. 7 News

Soaring temperatures and strong winds stoked unpredictable bushfires near Australia's capital city on Saturday, closing a major highway and prompting warnings for some residents that it was too late to evacuate.
The territory, home to the country's capital, Canberra, declared a state of emergency on Friday in anticipation of the severely hot and windy conditions that are expected to last through the weekend. It is the area's first declared emergency since 2003 when four people were killed and almost 500 homes destroyed in wildfires. CNA

4-Feb 2020

Rain forecasted in NSW and Queensland!

East coast predicted to receive widespread falls of at least 25mm and up to 100mm in parts
Conditions on the fire grounds are likely to change rapidly in the next few days as a large high pressure system over the Tasman Sea directs moist easterly winds onto eastern Australia.
Eastern and northern NSW are at risk of “damaging winds, heavy rainfall and large hail stones” as well as flash flooding, the BoM warned.
"Given how dry it has been in those areas this could be the most significant rainfall the southern interior of Queensland has seen in a number of months,” bureau meteorologist Harry Clark said." The Guardian

11-Feb 2020

End of bushfires in sight?

We were all overjoyed to hear that rain has fallen once more, in the second deluge within the span of a month. To think that earlier in the year, the situation was so dire and the end of the bushfires were not in sight. It looks like Kyrios' predictions of the bushfires being put out in 2 - 7 weeks is being realised!

Heavy rains in New South Wales in recent days have led to hopes that all the bushfires in the Australian state could be out by the end of the week.
Two "mega fires" north and south of Sydney were officially extinguished by the drenching, officials said. Both fires had been burning since November, and had scorched around 500,000 hectares each. BBC

13-Feb 2020

All fires in NSW contained!

Wildfires that began in September, consumed millions of acres of forest and burned through beachside towns and suburbs are finally out in most of New South Wales, Australia’s most populous state, emergency services said Friday.
Fires continue to trouble firefighters in the southeastern state of Victoria, officials said. But torrential rain that has swept much of the eastern coast of Australia over the past week has helped put out many of the last few blazes.. The New York Times

Recovery process has begun

Parks across East Gippsland and North East Victoria have been seriously affected by fire. But while fire is still an issue, Mother Nature is already slowly starting to regenerate in some areas. Parks Victoria

14-Feb 2020

Dry, parched land from the prolonged drought

In the first heavy rainfall in the week of 13-Jan, we were wondering why soon after, fires ignited once more in the following week when temperatures rose. Simon Heemstra from the Rural Fire Service (RFS) told the BBC:

Even when we did have some significant falls of 30 or 50mm, it wasn't enough...because it was so dry you could be getting 50mm and that rain would just be absorbed very quickly. And within a couple of days that vegetation had dried out again and started burning again.
...because the rain was heavy and came down steadily over the weekend, it could soak into parched vegetation and seep deep into the soil, rather than just running off. BBC

Dams are finally filling up!

The rain has been described by some as a miracle - particularly given the long-term forecast for the summer had predicted an 80% chance of below-average falls.
Sydney - the nation's largest city - has been under water restrictions since late last year, when its dams fell below 45% capacity. But the city could see an easing of some of these limits now the dam at Warragamba, which supplies 80% of its water, has filled up. BBC

26-Feb 2020

Australia bushfires no longer a threat; bushfires have been mostly put out or contained!

Kyrios' predictions have come true! On 8-Jan 2020, Kyrios predicted that the bushfires will be extinguished in 2 to 7 weeks. Today marks the end of 7 weeks. During this period, two sustained heavy rainfalls in the week of 16-Jan and 4-Feb have helped to put out the bushfires, with only a few remaining areas now brought under control.

2-Mar 2020

February was a wetter month than average, and a month of records!

Rainfall for February was 104% above the long-term average. This made it the State's wettest February since 2012 and its wettest month since September 2016 BOM on NSW (Sydney) rainfall in Feb

Statewide, rainfall was 65% above the long-term February average, the wettest February since 2012 BOM on VIC (Melbourne) rainfall in Feb


This concludes our work on the Australia bushfires. Stay tuned for future updates on our website as we explain the importance of averting such fires in our natural environment around the world!