Crisis Intervention - Covid-19 Pandemic

Last Updated: 3 July 2020


Kyrios started intervening on 9-Feb in Singapore, Malaysia and China, and predicted that Covid-19 would be eliminated by end-March. Her actions reduced the virus in the air, severely limiting the spread in the community, and aiding speedier recoveries. Her interventions helped contain the virus in these three countries, but it didn't prevent its spread to other countries.

Under normal circumstances, Kyrios would have intervened in those other countries as well. However, she was prevented from a full global intervention (find out why here) around end-Feb. Instead, she diverted her attention to helping some patients recover in Singapore. Kyrios stresses the need for the world to reduce/halt meat consumption as this was one of the major driving factors in the cause of this pandemic.

By mid-March, it was clear Kyrios' original prediction would not be realised. She began mulling options for helping to stem the virus situation globally. On 30-March, she began exploring new methods, with a priority to help the people in Italy.

More updates to come. Read the full account below, and track the global cases through this Dashboard by John Hopkins CSSE. Know of others with this virus? Contact us so Kyrios can try to help them.


9-Feb: Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) around the world will be eliminated by the end of March 2020. (not realised. why?)

1-Apr: As the world reels from the now widespread Covid-19 situation, a new deadlier mutated strain will surface if the pandemic is not quickly contained. The new strain will infect both humans and animals and have a higher death rate.

Before Kyrios intervention

As of 9-Feb: 37,590+ confirmed cases, 814 deaths, 2,902 recovered
1 Jan 2020

World Health Organisation in touch with Beijing after mystery viral pneumonia outbreak

The World Health Organisation said it is in ongoing contact with authorities in China over an unidentified outbreak of viral pneumonia in the central city of Wuhan, amid concern it may have been transmitted from animals. South China Morning Post
8 Jan 2020

New Virus Discovered by Chinese Scientists Investigating Pneumonia Outbreak

Chinese scientists investigating a mystery illness that has sickened dozens in central China have discovered a new strain of coronavirus, a development... The Wall Street Journal
24 Jan 2020

What you need to know about the novel coronavirus

A new virus, originating from Wuhan in China, is quickly spreading across the country and around the world. In this video, we highlight the key things you need to know about the outbreak, and how science can help control it. — Nature
31 Jan 2020

Coronavirus declared global health emergency by WHO

The new coronavirus has been declared a global emergency by the World Health Organization, as the outbreak continues to spread outside China. BBC
9 Feb 2020

811 Have Died in China, Surpassing Toll From SARS

The number of confirmed infections rose to 37,198, according to China’s National Health Commission. Eighty-nine deaths and 2,656 new cases were recorded in the preceding 24 hours, most of them in Hubei Province, the heart of the outbreak. The New York Times
9 Feb 2020

40 confirmed cases in Singapore, four are in critical condition, with one requiring additional oxygen support

Singapore confirmed seven new cases of novel coronavirus on Saturday (Feb 8), including a taxi driver and a private-hire car driver, taking the country's tally to 40. CNA

Timeline of Kyrios Intervention

31-Jan 2020

Formula to combat Novel Coronavirus

Kyrios has devised a concoction to deal with the Novel Coronavirus. It eases the symptoms and suppresses the viral attack, while also helping to aid healthy individuals fend off the illness. It can be easily prepared using off-the-shelf ingredients from an Asian Supermarket.

View Recipe

9-Feb 20204pm GMT +8

Kyrios begins eliminating nCoV worldwide

Kyrios has successfully cured many patients of their diseases, but has never tried to do so en masse on a global scale. Although this is an unprecedented endeavour, Kyrios has begun to use her energy in an attempt to help eliminate nCoV worldwide, starting with Singapore and Malaysia.

Stop consuming meat

Kyrios says, "All patients infected with the virus must understand why they must not eat meat. It is because most viruses thrive in meat products. All animals and other sentient beings possess spirituality and emotions. When they are killed, they will also suffer and tear. Put yourselves in their shoes; are you willing to be slaughtered? Since these beings are unwilling, the negative energy generated from their resentment, anger and hatred is very intense and immeasurable. Thus, humanity must understand the consequences of taking these animals’ lives for their meat; they must kneel before Heaven in repentance and pray for Heavenly Father to help eradicate these viruses."

"All disasters are the result of humanity's actions, including the current Wuhan Novel Coronavirus. However, to date, these disasters represent only a small-scale apocalypse. To satiate humanity's gluttony, many kill innocent animals and other sentient beings in cold blood. Their feelings of resentment, intense hatred and vengeful sentiments, lead to a surge of immeasurable negative energy. Along with humanity's selfishness and other cruel acts, this will lead to such viruses and the loss of many lives. This is the karmic cycle of cause and effect, meting out punishments and retributions. If humans create sin, they must bear the consequences."

Averting the End of the World

"The end of the world in the year 2028 is not so distant in the future. If people continue to kill animals for the consumption of meat, and not understand the Universal Truth of cultivating oneself, then the end of the world is inevitable. In the future, not only will there be zombies as well as savage instances of cannibalism, but also many disasters that will keep occurring, one after another."

Kyrios says, "There is only one way to stop the world from ending: everyone around the world must sincerely and wholeheartedly correct all their wrongdoings to become more righteous, kneel before Heaven in repentance, and pray for Heavenly Father to help eliminate all factors that will cause an apocalypse."

It will be too late if people only start to be afraid after personally witnessing such apocalyptic disasters. These prophecies are not made to spread fear and panic to all. It is a wake-up call to humanity that we must treasure the remaining time left and change the course of our destiny to eliminate all causes leading to the apocalypse that will end all lives.

Kyrios hopes that everyone will be grateful to Heaven and repent their wrong ways, adopt a vegetarian lifestyle, cease consumption of meat to end the killing of animals, as well as recognise that all these disasters are caused by humanity! Humanity has the responsibility, for the sake of one's life, to correct all of one's wrongful ways, understand the reason and purpose for humanity's existence, and walk the righteous path. Only then will the world be peaceful.

10-Feb 2020

2019-nCoV update - How the virus spreads

After further monitoring and observing the characteristics of the Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV), Kyrios has an important update for everyone:

Besides spreading through contact, Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) can also spread through the air, albeit only for a short time. An asymptomatic person with the virus is capable of infecting others, through normal respiration, cough and sneezes.

Novel Coronavirus has an incubation period of 1 to 3 weeks. It can enter a person through the nose, eyes, ears and mouth. Depending on where the virus infects, one may exhibit different symptoms. For example, if the virus enters and infects the nose and throat, there will be throat irritation and coughing. If it enters the lungs, it will lead to breathing difficulties. If the virus attacks the heart, it can cause breathing difficulties and giddiness. If the virus attacks the brain, it will cause the person to faint. Once it hits the nerves, the person will experience muscle spasms and muscle aches. Lastly, if the virus reaches the gastrointestinal tract, it may also lead to diarrhoea.

Kyrios recommends everyone to consume her remedy for combating this virus. It is also very important we avoid meat consumption as the virus activates when it comes in contact with meat. People who then eat that meat will inadvertently have a higher risk of contracting this virus! For those already infected with 2019-nCoV, sticking to a plant-based diet aids in a speedier recovery too.

Since yesterday, Kyrios has started killing the virus in the air, as well as within the populace around the world. However, it is much more difficult to kill the virus in enclosed spaces. As such, she also pleaded with our Heavenly Father to seek help in eliminating the Novel Coronavirus.

12-Feb 2020

Fact: Novel Coronavirus does not “choose” to infect only those who eat meat. However, as the virus activates when it comes in contact with meat, people who consume the contaminated meat will inadvertently have a higher risk of contracting this virus!

Think about it. When the virus lands on inert surfaces, it can only survive for a short period of time. However, if it lands on meat, it will thrive! What will happen to the person who then eats the meat?

13-Feb 2020

Early this morning at 5am, Kyrios prayed and renewed her efforts to eliminate the Covid-19 virus.

14-Feb 20201.44pm GMT +8

A couple weeks back, Kyrios was notified of Han Hong's heroics. Back then, she commented that while it was a very courageous and heartwarming act, Han Hong inevitably put her health and life at risk by not wearing protective gear. Today, Kyrios decides to help Han Hong 韩红 recover, albeit from a distance, and with her not knowing that Kyrios is trying to actively help her.

15-Feb 2020 4pm GMT +8

Kyrios prayed and renewed her efforts to eliminate the Covid-19 virus. She also took action to eliminate other Influenza-type viruses around the world.

Commentary: Killing viruses, bacteria, fungus, and other pathogens are actually one of the relatively "easy" things that Kyrios can do, and has been doing for many decades now. However, she normally does this on a person when they are suffering from illnesses such as flu, dengue fever, diarrhoea and more. Operating at such a broader scale, in the environment, urban office spaces and large open spaces, takes significantly more energy.

25-Mar 2020

Since 6-March, Kyrios has been healing a few Singaporean patients with Covid-19

We interviewed them, and compiled videos chronicling their personal experiences, from the moment they were first diagnosed, to their subsequent recovery and discharge from the hospital!

Space Healing Singapore's Covid-19 Patients, Case 122 Space Healing Singapore's Covid-19 Patients, Case 117

Know of others with this virus? Contact us so Kyrios can try to help them.

Q&A with Kyrios - Questions from her followers

Kyrios' reply: Vegetables can strengthen the human body’s immunity. Have you heard of “vegetable pandemics?” It doesn't exist. To date, there have been viral pandemics such as avian flu, swine fever, and mad cow disease, but never one arising from a viral transmission from vegetables to people. There can be acute poisoning from consuming vegetables contaminated by bacteria in the soil or fertiliser, like manure or agrochemicals, but these will not lead to a pandemic.

Unlike vegetables, animals have blood which viruses and bacteria thrive in. When humans consume the meat of infected animals, they risk contracting the viral infection, and in turn becoming vessels for the virus to multiple and spread to more humans, possibly leading to a pandemic.

On the other hand, chlorophyll in vegetables create an inhospitable environment where viruses cannot survive. This is why a "vegetable pandemic", or a virus or bacteria pandemic originating from vegetables will not occur. Not only that, vegetables contain vitamins and antioxidants that aid in healthy liver function, as well as detoxification and digestion. It is not widely known that Chlorophyll is crucial to the cells of the human body, and that it is the secret to longevity!

If everyone adopts a vegetarian diet, such pandemics will not happen. Nature’s ecosystems can once again achieve equilibrium.

Kyrios' reply: Yes, I started on 2-Feb, and I have been doing my best to eliminate the virus in these three countries. The situation did become under control. China saw a drop in the rate of infection and the spread became contained. For Singapore and Malaysia, both had very few reported cases, until a mass gathering caused the number of new cases to spike. That was very regrettable.

When the virus spread to South Korea, the situation took a turn for the worse. Oversight by the people and governments allowed the virus to spread quickly and on a massive scale, sweeping across many countries around the globe with ferocity. Now, the situation can hardly be controlled.

Eliminating the virus proved to be very challenging. I need energy and time to kill viruses that are airborne and within infected populations. At the same time, governments and people must also play their part. If people continue to spread the disease while I work to kill the virus, progress will be impeded, and it will be hard to keep the virus under control. Thus, with the current situation, it is difficult to fulfil my wish to eliminate the virus worldwide before April. My next plan is to observe the situation in each country and attempt to eliminate the virus country by country.

Moreover, this virus is not an accidental occurrence. It is one of the many great calamities of humankind. It serves as a lesson for humanity, that they must correct all their atrocious behaviour. If humanity does not learn, they will pay a hefty price.

Kyrios' reply: Nowadays, people have become increasingly greedy, to the point of being insatiable. For the sake of satisfying their gluttony and cravings for health and beauty nourishment, they eat indiscriminately, killing countless animals and even wildlife. For the sake of personal gains and desire, they use animal hide to make sofas, bags, etc. They skin them alive, causing such excruciating pain to the animals that their eyes swell and protrude. Others violently torture animals for pleasure. The many savage and selfish deeds have led to an immense buildup of malevolent energy in our society. Now, it’s the virus’ turn to reap the lives of people. Humans kill animals, and now it's their turn to be at the mercy of the virus. For disrespecting nature’s rules of the cycle of cause and consequence and for failing to revere life, this is the fate of humanity.

This virus is a test for humanity. If countries and people had set aside their discriminatory attitudes, helped and showed understanding towards one another and worked together at the onset of this crisis, we could have avoided the predicament we're in today. It’s a pity that this pandemic only revealed the unsightly facet of many governments around the world. They blamed, discriminated, attacked, slandered, mocked, concealed, acted selfishly, and even neglected the lives of their citizens. Leaders of some countries even fought for power and personal gains. These lamentable behaviours gave the virus the chance to run amok. What is unknown to many, is that SARS and Covid-19 viruses are the result of the viciousness and ambition of a few ‐ a disaster created by humanity. It brings great sorrow knowing that human nature has descended to this state.

People must learn the true moral values, realise their mistakes and repent. Harbouring malicious thoughts lead to increased animosity, which will only bring about repercussions to humankind. Humanity must have the conscience and empathy to love and protect all life. Only by being a vegetarian can one avoid taking lives and suffer terrible repercussions. As human beings, one must never be selfish. Sinning and committing wrongdoings will not only cause one to suffer but also cause harm to others. When the virus comes to claim lives, or when the world ends, no amount of money can guarantee your precious life.

1-Apr 2020

Why Kyrios' prediction on 9-Feb was not realised

Kyrios predicted early Feb that Covid-19 will be eliminated by end-March. Why didn't that prediction come true?

When Kyrios started to intervene, Covid-19 wasn't declared a pandemic and the worst affected countries were mainly China, Singapore and Malaysia. She used her energy to eliminate the virus in the air to reduce and halt the spread within the community, and help the infected to have a speedier recovery. We had seen the effects of this when the cases in these three countries slowed and became under control.

Then, the political situation in Malaysia happened. At that time, Kyrios stopped intervening. Why?

When leaders or the populace commit acts that are not righteous, this alters the country and the wider population's destiny. The truth is, there are higher divine rules and regulations governing all life and destiny. In the recent intervention for Australia's bushfires, we saw how Kyrios first encountered resistance when she tried to put out the bushfires. It's the same situation here. Humanity has to awaken to their senses and realise their wrongdoings, and sometimes, that means a calamity cannot be averted. However, because our Heavenly Father, the Creator, is merciful, the extent of such a calamity can be reduced. This is why Kyrios was blocked from a full intervention to stop the Covid-19 virus from spreading to the rest of the world.

Beginnings of a new intervention; A grim prediction of a new, deadlier mutated strain

The good news is the time has come and Kyrios has the means to eliminate the virus globally. However, she needs the world to understand that this virus arose due to our increased meat diet. We need to transition to a more plant-based diet to avert such a crisis in the future. If this pandemic is not contained soon, Kyrios predicts that a more deadly, mutated strain of this virus will surface.

We are still awaiting word from her on how and when we can hope for this pandemic to be contained. What we know is just this: Italy and a few other countries are on Kyrios' radar, and she intends to assist them in bringing the virus under control.

2-Apr 2020

Kyrios’ second round of Healing begins

We are excited to announce that Kyrios is renewing her healing efforts, through daily healing sessions to eliminate viral titre in the environment, thereby curbing its spread. This phase of healing starts with hard-hit regions in Europe, namely, Italy, Spain, Greece, and Switzerland, as well as Singapore, and China. Neighbouring countries will also benefit from Kyrios’ efforts.

Kyrios says that observable improvements may occur in 2-3 weeks at the earliest. However, if people there continue to eat large quantities of meat, then the crisis will only show signs of abatement in May-July 2020. Kyrios also states that if she does not intervene and if no vaccines or medical solution is discovered, this pandemic is expected to last 2-3 years, killing millions.

Kyrios stresses the importance of adopting a vegetarian lifestyle as vegetarians have a far higher chance to recover from COVID-19 than regular folks who eat meat. Doing so also aids in her elimination of viral titre. Kyrios warns that if people continue to consume bushmeat, causing the virus to mutate into a deadlier strain, then Kyrios will cease to help.

3-Apr 2020 Onwards

“If I do not help, too many people will die. And I cannot bear to see this happening." — Kyrios

Kyrios conducts her daily healing with a merciful devotion. Day in and day out, Kyrios battles against strain and fatigue to eliminate the viruses despite several sleepless nights. We continue to pray for Kyrios’ success and the virus’ spread to be halted as soon as possible.

20-Apr 2020

COVID-19 virus mutates quickly!

Studies conducted by scientists reveal that the virus mutates at a shocking rate, resulting in diverse and distinct strains with some being far more aggressive than others and complicating vaccine research and development.

Kyrios warned that the virus will mutate into an even deadlier strain if it infects animals and is transmitted back to people. As of now, cats, tigers, and dogs have been tested positive for the coronavirus recently. Given the virus’ inclination to mutate quickly and has already been known to infect several animals, the mutation route described by Kyrios is plausible and it may happen in the near future.

23-Apr 2020

Europe seems to be getting better now!

Almost 3 weeks into Kyrios’ second phase of global healing, Italy, Spain, Greece, and Switzerland are finally beginning to experience improvements.

With deaths trending downwards, and new cases at their lowest in just over six weeks, that 20-person difference in active cases is a glimmer of hope for one of the world’s worst-affected countries. Business Insider

Spain sees number of coronavirus infections continue to drop, with 3,045 new cases - half the number recorded six days ago... Daily mail UK

This is the first time the newly confirmed daily caseload in Greece has dropped below 10, after 48 consecutive days of 10-plus cases per day since the outbreak on Feb. 26. It's also the first day that no death has been reported since March 14. Global Times

Switzerland has probably passed its COVID-19 cases peak, said the Federal Office of Public Health, noting that the latest tally was 260 in one day against more than 1,300 at the height of the crisis. Daily mail UK

But in Singapore, the situation looks grim. Just today, the island nation experienced a surge of 1426 newly reported COVID-19 cases.

Kyrios is still focusing on healing these countries and the crisis in Singapore is especially worrisome. Let us continue praying for the end of COVID-19 in these regions and worldwide.

25-Apr 2020

The End of COVID-19

“Sin begets misfortune, and the sinful will reap the consequences he/she sowed.” — Kyrios

We bring good news! Kyrios foretells that, with her continued daily healing, the COVID-19 crisis worldwide will finally cease in August-October 2020. In the meantime, Kyrios will continue to do her utmost to eliminate the virus. Currently, she is still focusing on Italy, Spain, Greece, Switzerland, China, and Singapore. These countries may see improvements by May-July 2020.

Kyrios reminds once again that because this pandemic is born out of the accumulated sin of all of humanity due to humankind’s injustice towards animals, the only true means to resolve the crisis is by adopting a vegetarian lifestyle. Kyrios says that if humankind continues to eat large quantities of meat, COVID-19 may resurge or continue to spread even after October 2020.

It is also acknowledged by experts that the present industrial methods of producing meat and overconsumption of meat creates the perfect conditions for novel viruses to emerge. Therefore, for us to move forward, all of us must reconsider our dietary choices.

1-May 2020

Recognising the symptoms of COVID-19

Various medical sources have uncovered that apart from displaying flu-like symptoms such as cough, flu, or fever, COVID-19 sufferers may also develop other signs such as fatigue, trouble breathing, loss of smell and taste, spasms or shaking, body aches, diarrhoea, and organ damage. These symptoms match Kyrios’ description of the virus infection on 12 February 2020:

Through her space healing of COVID-19 patients in Tan Tock Seng Hospital during March 2020, Kyrios further observed that the virus could spread throughout the body, including the bones, nerves, blood vessels and the skin. When this happens, patients may suffer unusual symptoms such as severe itchiness, chills, aches, soreness and numbness in various parts of the body, including even the limbs, back, hips and brains.

If you have any of the above symptoms, please seek professional help or contact us/Kyrios.

2-May 2020

It’s not over yet!

Governments in Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Spain, and other parts of the world are gradually easing their COVID-19 related lockdown restrictions due to observed signs of abatement. While this is welcoming especially within these countries whose economies were paralysed for months, the danger persists despite Kyrios’ tireless healing to rid the world of COVID-19.

We advise everyone to be patient and remain vigilant lest a resurgence occurs in the community. Moreover, the threat of a deadlier mutant strain of the COVID-19 virus still looms.

Continue to practice social distancing, maintain good personal hygiene, and always stay at home unless absolutely necessary to go out. Additionally, adopting a vegetarian diet will not only help our body to combat the virus but also aid the global fight against the pandemic.

25-May 2020

Meat processing plants are under siege

Humans kill and eat animals. Now, the virus kills and devours humans. — Kyrios

Mere months into the pandemic, and we are seeing the virus relentlessly besieging abattoirs, slaughterhouses, and meat-packing facilities, infecting thousands of workers and forcing the closure of these factories.

The hardest hit thus far is the United States of America whose meat processing facilities are notorious for being slow to adopt social-distancing measures.

At least 12 of the 25 hotspots in the US – counties with the highest per-capita infection rates – originated in meat factories where employees work side by side in cramped conditions…...least 30 meat plant workers have died of Covid-19 complications, and more than 10,000 have been infected or exposed The Guardian

Other countries whose slaughterhouses face outbreaks of the COVID-19 include Ireland, Spain, Australia, Germany, Brazil, Canada, the United Kingdom, and France

Regarding this matter, Kyrios warns everyone that the virus “has eyes,” implying that it preferentially infects those who consume meat and are involved in the killing of lives.

9-June 2020

New syndrome appearing in children exposed to COVID-19

Children in New York, Italy, and other countries have contracted a new illness linked to COVID-19. This disease has officially been named Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C). Tests reveal that many children suffering from the disease have antibodies of the coronavirus within their systems, though there are cases where the children tested negative for the regular PCR swab test.

The disease is potentially fatal with some children eventually succumbing to the illness. The manifestation of such a dangerous condition is a rude awakening as children exposed to COVID-19 usually display only mild symptoms.

As countries look to revive their economies by loosening their lockdown measures, Kyrios advises everyone to continue to remain vigilant and that the virus still poses a significant threat to public health. With the COVID-19 presenting itself in different forms, we must continue to be careful indeed.

12-June 2020

A Food Crisis is imminent

I must put an end to the COVID-19 pandemic before the end of November, for I foresee a severe food crisis ahead. If I do not intervene, the pandemic will persist for 2-3 years. Food will be scarce to the point that one is unable to buy food even with money. Many will starve, and some will even resort to cannibalism. — Kyrios

Experts are warning the world of a looming food crisis as farmers cull animals, dump milk , dispose of fresh eggs, and plough their produce back into the soil . This seemingly paradoxical occurrence sheds light on the weakness in the global food system--the COVID-19 pandemic crippled the world’s food supply chain, causing the distribution of food to go awry.

The forced closure of processing plants and lockdowns hamper labour movement and other critical logistical needs. Surpluses in farms are unable to reach the market as farmers lack the manpower to harvest and the traders to sell them . All these are happening as people resort to panic buying and some governments enforcing bans on food exports .

In the midst of the pandemic crisis and the paralysis of food supply chains, natural disasters such as locust plagues and other climate catastrophes threaten to cut our supply of food at their sources, causing food shortages in many regions. The World Food Programme (WFP) estimates that 265 million people will go hungry ; experts warn that food prices will soar , and the United Nations (UN) declares that the world will enter a food crisis so severe that it is unseen since the past 50 years .

While the experts’ warnings are in line with Kyrios’ previous foretellings of an acute food shortage , their estimates seem conservative in comparison. Nonetheless, the worst is still ahead.

This is why Kyrios resolves to halt the spread of the pandemic and stop it from causing more damages to the economy and food supply. She warns, however, that continuing to kill animals or consume meat indiscriminately on a massive scale will only undermine her efforts and cause further complications to the already critical state of the world.

14-June 2020

Minks in peril and first documented cases of animal-human transmission

An outbreak of COVID-19 is occurring among the minks in Netherland’s pelt farms. Authorities and farmers are rushing to cull the infected and exposed minks in an attempt to cease its spread in the country and prevent human infections and further outbreaks.

The decision was made in light of the first recorded animal-human transmission in the country where two reported COVID-19 cases in humans tracing back to the infected minks emerged, and the danger that these farms become “reservoirs” of the contagious disease. While there are well documented cases of cross-species infection from humans to animals, the case of humans contracting COVID-19 from animals is novel, but the above-mentioned case in Netherland provides a possibility that animal to human infection might be more widespread.

We are very worried that the mutation route prophesied by Kyrios will occur, resulting in a mutant COVID-19 virus that is far more infectious and lethal than what we are facing now. If this is true, then we must be ready and take all the necessary steps to prevent that from happening now.

18-June 2020

Kyrios’ success in Healing Europe, and the beginning of Kyrios’ global healing

It has been more than 2 months since Kyrios’ healing over a few selected nations in Europe, China, Singapore, Malaysia, and their neighbouring countries . Back then, she also prophesied that the situation there will improve between May-July. Indeed, data from WHO suggest that these countries showed significant improvements while the pandemic is worsening globally.

20-June 2020

In Beijing, traces of COVID-19 are lurking in meat and seafood

In the wake of the new, unanticipated COVID-19 local outbreak in Beijing, authorities are scrambling to conduct large scale contact tracing and putting in place partial lockdowns throughout the capital city which enjoyed 55 days of zero confirmed cases prior to the recent outbreak.

As an additional measure, the country is now conducting tests on meat and seafood in the epicenter of the outbreak--Xinfadi wholesale market. This is done in light of a recent test conducted showing COVID-19 virus lingering on chopping boards.

The tests reveal heavy traces of COVID-19 in seafood stalls, followed by stalls selling meat. While experts believe that the cold temperatures and humidity in the area allows the virus to thrive, Kyrios warned in March that COVID-19 virus thrives in the blood and flesh of animals.

More updates to come. Watch this page.