Last Updated: 18 August 2020


As torrential downpours batter much of China and Southern Japan, forests in Siberia, Russia, are up in flames due to unusually warm and dry weather. Temperatures in June reached a record 38 degrees Celsius was measured in a town on 20 June.

Since the beginning of the year, over 9.26 million hectares of land has been impacted by wildfires. Russian weather services also reported that the wildfires this year was 9.6% greater than that of 2019 during the same period. Apart from the burning of boreal forests in the region, the northern tundra regions and carbon-rich peatlands are also set ablaze, releasing long sequestered carbon deposits into the atmosphere, intensifying the greenhouse effect and worsening global warming.

Upon being informed of the severity of Siberia’s wildfires, Kyrios observed the situation there with her clairvoyance and decided to intervene in a bid to mitigate the impacts of such a disaster on the climate crisis we are currently facing.

Kyrios Predictions

16-July: The wildfires will subside between August to October 2020

Timeline of Kyrios Intervention

13-Jul 2020
3:00pm (SGT)

Kyrios officially begins her intervention to help relieve Siberia of its wildfires. The situation in Siberia will be monitored closely by Kyrios.

While it is becoming clear to many that climate change and global warming has brought about extreme weather events such as the unprecedented fires in the Arctic regions and flooding events, Kyrios says that there is a more direct link between these phenomena.

Kyrios explains that due to the proximity of the intense wildfires in Siberia to the Arctic regions, the fires had significantly accelerated the melting of polar ice caps by heating up ocean currents and the atmosphere in addition to releasing smoke and haze to the region. This combination contributes to the quick rise in sea levels worldwide. Large quantities of seawater then evaporate into the atmosphere, forming rain clouds which are then dispersed to other regions across the world. Therefore, Siberia’s devastating wildfires are contributing to the torrential downpours in China and Japan.

Nonetheless, Kyrios warns that these disasters are merely symptoms of greater problems. The root cause of the disasters lies in humanity’s greed and overexploitation of the Earth’s resources. Through the burning of forests and other environmentally-damaging human activities, we are contributing to the intensification of the greenhouse effect and the warming of the Earth, leading to extreme weather events with catastrophic results.

Hence, to prevent such disasters from happening for good, Humanity must change their ways. More actions must be taken to protect Mother Earth from further harm.

16-Jul 2020
4:00pm (SGT)

Kyrios continues her efforts to relieve Siberia from its wildfires with her clairvoyance, during which she also exclaims that “the fire in Siberia is very large”.

It has been 3 days since Kyrios started her intervention on Siberia, and “Fire and Thermal Anomalies” data from NASA’s EOSDIS Worldview webpage suggest that wildfires in Siberia seem to have gone down.

18-Jul 2020

Kyrios mentioned that her efforts to relieve Siberia of its wildfires would also cause Siberia’s overall temperature to drop. True enough since Kyrios started to intervene, noontime average temperature in Siberia has steadily dropped from 30°C on 14 July to 15°C on 18 July.

19-Jul 2020

Data is collected from NASA EOSDIS Worldview and shown in the animation below with 24hr accumulated rainfall (indicated by the green and yellow translucent shades) and fire sites (indicated by the red dots on the map) in Siberia from 13 to 19 July.

Following Kyrios’ intervention in Siberia on 13 July to 19 July, a significant amount of rain has fallen over the fire sites in central Siberia, extinguishing much of the fires there. Kyrios will continue to monitor the situation.

20-Jul 2020
6:00pm (SGT)

New fires in Batagay and Khandyga.

A large amount of aerosol was detected in the areas around Batagay and Khandagya, suggesting a large body of smoke and a possibility of fires in the area (See picture below).

On the 19 of July 2020, NASA worldview data showed no thermal anomalies (which suggests no presence of fire) around the areas between Batagay and Khandyga as shown in the picture below.

The information above suggests that a new fire has started on 20 July 2020 in areas between Batagay and Khandyga. Kyrios has been informed of the situation and will proceed later in the evening to relieve those areas from the fires.

24-Jul 2020

Data is collected from NASA EOSDIS Worldview and shown in the animation below with 24hr accumulated rainfall (indicated by the green and yellow translucent shades) and fire sites (indicated by the red dots on the map) in Siberia from 20 to 24 July.

Data from 20 to 24 July show that wildfires seemed to have sprung up in eastern and western parts of Siberia, with little rainfall to impede the spread. Kyrios will closely monitor the situation over the next few days and reiterates that the intense fires in Siberia will be put out by October 2020.

13-Aug 2020

Wildfire has reduced significantly!

Data is collected from NASA EOSDIS Worldview and shown in the animation below with fire sites (indicated by the red dots on the map) in Siberia from 06 to 13 July.

Starting from 6 August wildfires reduced significantly all over Siberia. On 11 August, Kyrios performed her latest intervention effort, among many other previous ones, to rid Siberia of the wildfires. Between 11 to 13 August, the wildfires in Siberia continued to subside to a point there were nearly no more fires sites.

With the containment of a large part of Siberia’s wildfires and the most dangerous phases of the wildfires passing us, Kyrios’ efforts to contain the fires have been successful once again. Hopefully, this intervention brings the 2020 Siberia’s severe wildfire season to a close.

Key Takeaway: Pay attention to the warning signs of Mother Earth because humanity caused all of them

This is the second time Kyrios intervened in the wildfire crisis of Siberia, Russia. The scale of wildfires this year proved to be markedly more severe than the last and posed a greater challenge for Kyrios. Even though the intense wildfires occurred in the largely uninhabited extremes of the northern hemisphere, such intense conflagration will affect the Earth's climate, altering weather patterns worldwide and culminate in many weather-related disasters in the future.

While it is so much more convenient to write the wildfires off as a natural disaster of random occurrence, it is, unfortunately, a sign that the delicate equilibrium governing all of Earth’s natural systems have gone awry. Humanity is directly responsible for the disequilibrium through our contributions towards the greenhouse effect and global warming. Now, we can no longer turn a blind eye to our negligence, continued destruction of the Earth, and the consequences of our actions.

If we do not learn from our past mistakes and continue to ignore warning signs given by Mother Earth such as the abnormally intense wildfires of Siberia, then we can expect more disastrous consequences. Hence, for the survival of humanity, we must become more aware of our actions. Our first objective is to reverse such grim trends by reconsidering and reflecting upon our deeds. We must not occupy ourselves with personal ambitions and selfish gains for our only home and our fate is in peril. We must, instead, change our misconducts to reduce our burdens on planet Earth.

Let us unite at once to Save World, Save Life, and Save Yourself.