All humans are children of The Creator. It pains me to see them suffer, and I cannot bear to see them perish in these disasters. — Kyrios

Let’s make one thing clear: 2020 may be over, but COVID-19 and other disasters are not going away just yet. If humanity persists in our ways, then 2020 will only be the prologue to more tragedies.

Thus far, 1.82 million people have perished due to COVID-19. This already unimaginable number will most certainly rise over the course of 2021. And Kyrios remains frantic, frustrated, and desperate; to her, life is precious and sacred, and as a healer who can literally feel the suffering of her patients, such news weighs heavily in her heart and mind.

In February 2020, Kyrios was able to pinpoint COVID-19 symptoms and properties of the disease still unknown to health experts. In March 2020, Kyrios successfully cured four Singaporean COVID-19 patients. Between April-July 2020, Kyrios contained the spread of COVID-19 in Italy, Spain, Greece and Switzerland by killing the viruses in the air. These feats show that if Kyrios takes action, then the pandemic could be over, right? After all, Kyrios did prophesy that it would be over by the end of 2020…

So, why does it persist even now?

That’s because the root cause of the pandemic remained. Any effort to contain it was temporary as it would be undone by humanity’s actions. This is demonstrated by Europe’s ballooning numbers following the successful aid after Kyrios ceased her intervention. Kyrios identified the pandemic to be the predestined result of humanity’s aggregated sins taking their toll.

“Humans kill animals. Now, the virus kills humans,” Kyrios explained. “The advent of COVID-19 must be treated as a lesson against animal cruelty and indiscriminate consumption of animals. This suffering was brought upon humanity by humanity, and it requires the combined effort of humanity to eradicate it.” The solution to end this once and for all, Kyrios said, was to unite, go meatless, mend our wrongful ways, and pray to The Creator—a sign of repentance and change.

Yet Kyrios’ calls for unity, a positive change in humanity’s behaviours, and a significant reduction in global meat consumption, fell on deaf ears. These were the very prerequisites required for Kyrios to eradicate the virus globally. Indeed, intervention on such a scale that entailed changing the fates of billions of people and the entire world required divine permission.

Fast forward to today, it’s 2021 now. How many of us have made positive changes to our lives? Have we spared a moment to consider why the virus came about?

Admittedly, there is only so much that Kyrios, amidst an uncooperative world, could do to deal with the global pandemic: She could carry on with her aid in a limited capacity, hope for the best, and exhaust herself as humanity continues their oblivious ways. This would save lives, sure, but as time passes, the virus would continue to resurge and break out in other areas and mutate, killing many more in the process. Humanity will also take the repeated aid for granted, continue killing animals and sinning in the process, bringing more suffering upon themselves with no knowledge that their conduct caused their prevailing plight.

Thus, without tackling the pandemic’s root cause, Kyrios’ attempt to stop the virus’ spread would likely be futile; at best, it would only serve to alleviate the crisis temporarily. Moreover, her intervention may cause an opposite effect of perpetuating the idea that continuing to take animal lives is a-okay to the public since they would not experience the repercussions involved.

Yet, despite the challenges Kyrios faced when battling COVID-19, other disasters brewed. Distracted by the direct threat of COVID-19, these calamities quickly disappeared from the public consciousness.

To resolve these crises, Kyrios needed to temporarily shift her attention away from battling COVID-19. Kyrios was confident that she could make a significant difference to avert these other disasters.

After extinguishing the 2019-2020 Australian bushfires and stopping a second major Taal volcanic eruption in January, Kyrios received prophetic visions and messages detailing the massive watery calamities that would ensue in February 2020. Activities in the Pacific undersea volcanic chains observed by Kyrios also pointed to unrest and potential tsunamis. In a series of prophecies, Kyrios foretold of floods, hurricanes, extreme storm surges, and even tsunamis which would inundate parts of Japan, China, the United States of America, and other parts of the world.

In July, during the intense plum rain season, Kyrios took swift action after obtaining divine permission on account of The Creator’s mercy. She was able to reduce the intense rainfall which caused widespread flooding and mudslides across China, especially in the Three Gorges Dam region and Japan. At the same time, she was also able to divert the rainclouds northwards to Siberia to extinguish the intense wildfires there.

While many do not feel the impacts of these disasters on their daily lives, Kyrios’ interventions in China and Japan averted casualties, and lowered the dam pressure on the Three Gorges Dam. The extinguishing of the Siberian wildfires also reduced the wildfire’s impact on the environment, slowing the greenhouse effect and allowing the scorched land to recuperate.

To accomplish these, Kyrios expended much of her energy, leaving her fatigued and unable to divide her attention on the two Oceans – origins of more disasters that would soon occur. Kyrios pleaded to The Creator to aid in resolving the impending catastrophes.

The Atlantic hurricane season, which struck the United States from August 2020, was subdued despite being severe, compared to the floods prophesied by Kyrios back in February 2020. While the Pacific Ocean showed signs of restlessness, it was ultimately suppressed, preventing the prophesied tsunamis. In essence, the calamitous scenes prophesied by Kyrios were mitigated and largely averted, and Kyrios remains very thankful to The Creator for answering her prayers and preventing the disasters from occurring.

Many more would have perished. The devastation wrought by the flood would also accelerate the spread and evolution of the coronavirus due to damaged infrastructure, polluted waters, as well as the drifting animal and human remains that would incubate the virus and facilitate its mutation.

Despite preventing the worst of the watery calamities from happening in the past year, Kyrios’ focus now is to put an end to the pandemic. Many people die from the disease each day; many more struggle to live due to sheer poverty and hunger caused by the paralysed economy. Moreover, according to Kyrios, the virus is on a trajectory to mutate even further, and her prophecy of it becoming far more deadly upon recombining with pathogens in animals could soon be realised. The vaccines that have been developed may also not be effective in protecting against these new variants.

For now, regardless of whether humanity can comprehend her struggles or not, Kyrios will continue to consider her options and give her all to stop the pandemic and hope that humanity will awaken to the truth.

The question that hovers in her mind constantly is: how can I help people understand that their lust for meat and money from animal trade is what drove them to these predicaments?

Now, the question we must ask ourselves is: why is it so difficult to forgo a meat-based diet?

Setting aside that ceasing the killing and torture of animals is a condition of a miracle that would liberate us from COVID-19, for now, a meat-free diet does in fact give us the highest chance of overcoming the pandemic, or future pandemics for that matter.

According to Kyrios, a diet of mainly leafy greens, which is highly packed with chlorophyll, is the key to building the body’s defences against the virus. Apart from greens and plant foods possessing the necessary nutrients to fortify the body’s immune system, Kyrios also said that the virus is averse to chlorophyll and consuming it impedes the virus’ growth. Conversely, the virus is attracted to traces of animal remains and their DNA. People who eat meat run a higher risk of infection.

Bushmeat consumption and meat processing present additional risks to our health as they expose humans to unknown pathogens. It was only a matter of time before a severe pandemic born out of a zoonosis occurred to ravage humankind. Prior to COVID-19, diseases such as H1N1 already arose from such conditions.

With so many benefits of plant-based diets, why do humans continue to consume so much meat?

Kyrios often notes how myopic humans can be as they are blinded by their short-lived intense desire and cared little for the consequences. Sadly, in 2020, we continued to ignore the pleas of Mother Earth and squander away the blessings of The Creator just to fulfil our fleeting gluttony and greed.

What more must happen before we finally realise how incredibly obstinate we are?

Persisting in our ways and continuing to consume animals on such a scale will only aggravate the COVID-19 pandemic and expose humanity to wave after wave viral diseases and other calamities. If this goes on, we will ultimately lose our only home, planet Earth, to our obliviousness and unbridled greed as we continue to exploit, kill, and destroy with reckless abandon.

If that is when we finally come to our senses, wouldn’t it be a tad too late?

If we consider 2020 to be a year of reckoning, then 2021 must be the year we right our wrongs. COVID-19 is a predestined disaster caused by humans, thus, it must also take the collective effort of humanity to resolve. It is up to every single human individual to solve the problem we created.

Let 2021 be the end for COVID-19!