Kyrios, the Divine Healer

  We must not help others while expecting to be reciprocated for our efforts. We do it out of genuine mercy and unconditional love while giving our all for the sake of others. That is Universal Truth Self-cultivation.  
— Kyrios

If you were to walk past Kyrios, you would probably mistake her for just another common folk. After all, Kyrios has not put on any special garments to emphasise her status of being knowledgeable or her spiritual prowess. That is because Kyrios prefers to keep a low profile and appreciates the privacy and peace that comes with it.

Kyrios considers being boastful to be an act of inflating one’s ego, and indulging in vanity would only cause people to lose sight of oneself. To Kyrios, what matters more is whether one’s heart is inclined towards goodness or malice and whether the person embodies the spirit of Universal Truth Self-cultivation or not.

Kyrios’ humility, sincerity, and respect are such that she frequently gives thanks to Heavenly Father (The Creator) for conferring upon her the ability to heal the sick, mend the ailing Mother Earth, and prophesy. Kyrios says that His blessings enable many to be saved and it brings joy to her to see many people and the world be relieved of their sufferings and torments.

Kyrios attributes all her miraculous feats to the blessings of the Heavenly Father (The Creator), stating that it is through Him that she is able to act upon the blessings of the Heavenly Father (The Creator) for this world.

Miraculous abilities

Kyrios was gifted her extraordinary abilities at a tender age of 4 through a divine revelation. Kyrios recounted that it happened when she was at her balcony in her home. She noticed a spherical white light approaching her from afar. It stopped in front of her, and a divine entity with the appearance of a lady clad in white emerged from the spherical light. She bestowed upon Kyrios the mission to save the world.

Since then, Kyrios has begun observing the changes in the world’s geo-cosmic dynamics, the intricate constructs, systems, and organs of the human body, the Auras of people in the form of light that is usually invisible to the naked eye emanating from them, and the hearts of people with her extraordinary perception.

Kyrios can also receive visions of the past future and divine the fates of people and the world with her Ancient Indian Divination, whenever and wherever.

Healing the Sick

When she was young, Kyrios met an old lady who fell and injured herself. It was during this encounter that Kyrios unknowingly discovered the ability to heal others upon realising that her touch could help the injured lady stand back up again.

Kyrios began to actively heal the sick as a young adult, treating patients regardless of their wealth, social standing, race, or religion without accepting any payment in return. Be it in the past or the present. She has always treated everyone equally, and aided both the poor and the rich without prejudice.

Word of Kyrios’ magnanimity and miraculous healing feats soon spreaded through the mouths of her followers and patients. For a time, she became so famous in both Singapore and Malaysia that Kyrios’ followers had to limit the number of people seeking Kyrios’ aid to 100 patients a day by means of distributing queue cards.

Kyrios’ healing powers also attracted the attention of many wealthy individuals, prominent politicians, and even doctors, all of whom sought her to heal their various afflictions. Many offered Kyrios generous payments for successfully curing their illnesses, but Kyrios rejected them all, stating again and again that as a practitioner of Universal Truth Self-cultivation, she does not accept payment for saving the lives of others. Instead, Kyrios only hoped that all the people who were aided this way would go on to practice true self-cultivation and help others in need.

In truth, it pains Kyrios to the suffering of others — Kyrios can see and quite literally feel the hardships of others. Kyrios has been said to be capable of understanding an individual far more than the person could because she can identify with the physical and emotional pain one bears, as well as describe in meticulous detail the person’s past, present, and future.

In cases where sick individuals were plagued with karmic afflictions or facing imminent doom, she would go the distance to alleviate their sufferings and save their lives. In exchange, Kyrios would bear their karmic burdens and pain. In one instance, Kyrios’ heart was weakened for many days after mending a hole in a patients’ heart, to the extent that it almost stopped.

To date, Kyrios has healed countless people, saving their lives and resolving incurable disabilities, abnormalities, and bodily conditions. Kyrios now conducts most of her healing remotely over the phone using a unique method known as “”.


Kyrios’ selflessness and empathy also extend to all living beings, including Mother Earth and the world at large. In 1989, Kyrios revealed to the disciples and many followers about the future of the world, describing many events and knowledge about Mother Earth. Many of which were beyond the understanding of the common folk; some were even unknown to science.

One of Kyrios’ most notable prophecies was the transfer of power from the ruling party of Malaysia, who had been in power since Malaysia’s independence, to the opposition. This was realised in Malaysia’s General Election of 2018.

While Kyrios’ revelation awed her disciples and followers as many saw each of the events described happening years later, Kyrios spoke of these prophecies with a concern and a sense of dread. Many of the prophecies made then describe disasters that will follow as Mother Earth approaches her end. Kyrios still warns to this day that it will happen in our lifetime.

Prayer for the End of the Gulf War

During the Gulf War, on 25th and the 26th of February 1991, Kyrios saw the torments and anguish of people in the Middle-East with her clairvoyance. She stepped outside her home and into the hot afternoon sun. Kyrios knelt facing the sky before the Heavenly Father (The Creator) and prayed for the end of the war and the coming of peace from 7 am to 7 pm, fasting for 2 consecutive days.

An onlooker commented on the ludicrousness of such actions, stating that the war was very far away from Malaysia and Singapore, and it was unlikely that it would affect them in any way.

“If you were the one facing such unbearable hardships, how would you feel?” Kyrios explained. “They have lives and families just as you do! How would you feel if your sons depart for war only to die on the battlefield and never return?! People would only begin to fear when they face hardships or are about to die. Many are those who would look on the sufferings of others without feeling a shred of sympathy.”

The war ended on 28 February 1991 with an announcement. To thank Heavenly Father (The Creator) for answering her prayers and world peace, Kyrios proceeded to kowtow on the scorched concrete floor in the afternoon heat, doing so a total of 3200 times without pause. Kyrios said thus, “Although the war does not break out in our country, we must still pray for the safety and peace of other people.”

Research Initiatives

Kyrios’ experience in healing and extraordinary perception grant a clear and thorough comprehension of each cell and organ of the human body. Understanding the human body’s dependence on nutrition as well as its susceptibility to chemicals and pollution, Kyrios set up a business in 1994, endeavouring to research and develop healthier alternatives and technologies that will benefit people and the world.

“In the future, many will suffer from modern, avoidable ailments that will torment them throughout their entire lives,” Kyrios explained. “So, it is important to find solutions, or people will continue to suffer even if the end of the world is averted.”

2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami

On 10 March 2011, one of Kyrios’ disciples asked if his daughter could go to Japan. Kyrios objected and foretold that an earthquake would strike Japan within two days. Kyrios said that the magnitude of the quake would reach a Ritcher scale of 8,9, or 10. Kyrios stated that the disaster would affect the neighbouring countries.

True enough, an earthquake of cataclysmic proportions struck Japan the very next day on 11 March 2011, causing a nuclear disaster that affected the seas of all the neighbouring nations. Kyrios gathered her disciples soon after the disaster to warn us that the world is changing and the massive earthquake and tsunami in Japan is a sign that Mother Earth’s geo-cosmic systems are losing their balance.

A Healer of the Mother Earth

As disasters became more severe and frequent beginning in the 2010s, Kyrios began healing the Earth to mitigate disasters and the effects of pollution and global warming. Much of her early exploits went undocumented as Kyrios silently prayed and healed the world without wanting public attention.

The first documentation of such feats began in August 2019 when Kyrios intervened in devastating forest fires worldwide. Kyrios was said to have influenced the weather to bring rain over the burning regions, extinguishing the destructive Siberian wildfires, the Amazon forest fires, and other forest fires all over the world. Kyrios warned that the continued destruction of forests will only intensify global warming, bringing catastrophic consequences to Mother Earth and all its inhabitants.

In January 2020, Kyrios once again intervened to extinguish the Australian bushfires which ravaged the entire nation. Kyrios led a joint prayer with her followers and the public on 12 January 2020, praying for rain, hail, and snow to fall in the region. True enough, the fires in Australia were put out by freak hailstorms, and sudden downpours, breaking the 3-year drought. It even snowed in some areas despite Australia being in the middle of an intense summer.

2020 brought COVID-19 into the fold, causing widespread death and devastation worldwide. Kyrios is resolved to eliminate the viral pandemic worldwide. In February, her efforts allowed China to contain the pandemic. In March, she was attested to have cured several COVID-19 patients in Singapore and Malaysia. In April, May, and June, Kyrios successfully alleviated the critical situation in Europe, Singapore, and Malaysia.

The Doomsday Crisis

In September 2018, as relentless record-breaking typhoons battered the coasts of the Pacific, Kyrios was struck with ineffable despair and sorrow in the middle of the night. Kyrios felt as if everything descended into deep, blinding darkness. Kyrios opened the balcony windows and prayed to the Heavenly Father (The Creator), seeking answers to this indescribable sadness. In that instant, the night sky glowed with a crimson hue as the rain and winds beat the curtains of her window. And Kyrios received another divine revelation.

Kyrios shared the following:

  I once predicted that the world would end in 2034, but I was informed through a divine source that the end of the world would arrive much earlier — in 2028.  

“While it is normal that people’s life would end, do you know how terrible everyone’s deaths would be if the end of the world occurs?” Kyrios asked, “I saw hordes of people flailing in desperation, their eyes were wide open as they let out blood-curdling screams. Some were shouting and praying for the Heavenly Father (The Creator) to save them to no avail. It truly is a horrifying sight…”

On 2 September 2019, as Kyrios arose from sleep after days of struggling to contain wildfires worldwide, she wept.

“I received grim news,” Kyrios revealed. “If people continue to burn the forests, the end of the world will definitely arrive in 2028.” As she spoke, fires were still raging on the fringes of the Amazon Rainforest as people continue to clear the forest to make way for cattle ranching, utterly unaware of the dire consequences.

“It’s a pity,” Kyrios added, “our Heavenly Father (The Creator) created Mother Earth as a home for all life, and yet, people are destroying their only home. They are not grateful for the blessings given to them by our Heavenly Father (The Creator); they are reciprocating his love and care by ruining all that he has created for all of us.”

“The end of the world is caused by humanity,” Kyrios concluded, “Many people no longer practice Universal Truth Self-cultivation. They forget the grace of our Heavenly Father (The Creator) and only seek to exploit everything to benefit themselves. These are the true cause of the world’s destruction: Humanity’s sins, ignorance, pride, greed, and selfishness.”

However, Kyrios believes that doomsday is not an inevitability; there is still time, and there are things that humans can do to stave off the doomsday. While Kyrios is not fond of publicising such miraculous feats, the gravity of the present crisis forces Kyrios to speak out to unite all people to a common cause: saving the world, saving lives, and saving ourselves.