While Covid-19 makes you think twice about touching surfaces and being too close to another individual, what's coming next will make you fearful of the very sustenance we need — water.


In future, there will be a waterborne pathogen that can survive at temperatures of 80 - 100°C or higher, possibly rendering ineffective boiling (WHO, 2015) as a means to disinfect water.

This pathogen will be unleashed as glaciers and ice caps melt. Its virulence will increase in water, and it can spread through the water cycle, suggesting that it will be present within rain droplets. This medium of pathogenic transmission is unprecedented, and the threat of this pathogen will make everyone fearful of drinking water. We need water to survive, yet drinking water may lead to uncertain death. What can we do?

Governments around the world will add chemical disinfectants to water, and people must boil the water in attempts to eliminate this pathogen. However, overexposure to such chemicals will harm the human body.

Kyrios also previously said that water sources in the future will be detrimental to our health.