[Prophecy Update] - Tsunamis & Killer Waves are Coming!

People living in coastal regions across North America and East Asia are in IMMINENT MORTAL DANGER. Towering waves or tsunamis as high as 10 storeys will travel inland, inundating and devastating these areas. Over the next few years, close to two billion humans will perish due to a string of disasters.

Huge waves from the North Pacific Ocean may ride the winds, barrelling westward to strike Japan and even Korea! If these waves move eastward, western coasts of the United States and Canada will be flooded.

Enormous waves or tsunamis from the North Atlantic Ocean will also leave a path of destruction along the East Coast of the United States.

Moreover, undersea volcanoes near Japan have begun to awaken. Once they erupt and bring about tsunamis, the sheer destructive force will devastate regions near the North Pacific Ocean!

Giant waves originating from the East China Sea will ravage one or more countries surrounding the sea such as China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, and possibly The Philippines.

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