COVID-19 Update - How the Virus Spreads

After further monitoring and observing the characteristics of the Novel Coronavirus, Kyrios has an important update for everyone:

Besides spreading through contact, Covid-19 (Previously known as 2019-nCoV) can also spread through the air, albeit only for a short time. An asymptomatic person with the virus is capable of infecting others, through normal respiration, cough and sneezes.

Covid-19 (Previously known as 2019-nCoV) has an incubation period of 1 to 3 weeks. It can enter a person through the nose, eyes, ears and mouth. Depending on where the virus infects, one may exhibit different symptoms. For example, if the virus enters and infects the nose and throat, there will be throat irritation and coughing/cold. If it enters the lungs, it will lead to breathing difficulties. If the virus attacks the heart, it can cause breathing difficulties and giddiness. If the virus attacks the brain, it will cause the person to faint. Once it hits the nerves, the person will experience muscle spasms and muscle aches. Lastly, if the virus reaches the gastrointestinal tract, it may also lead to diarrhoea.

Kyrios recommends everyone to [consume her remedy for combating this virus]. It is also very important we avoid meat consumption as the virus activates when it comes in contact with meat. People who then eat that meat will inadvertently have a higher risk of contracting this virus! For those already infected with Covid-19, sticking to a plant-based diet aids in a speedier recovery too.

Since yesterday, Kyrios has started killing the virus in the air, as well as within the populace around the world. However, it is much more difficult to kill the virus in enclosed spaces. As such, she also pleaded with our Heavenly Father (The Creator) to seek help in eliminating the Novel Coronavirus.