[Prophecy Update]

Between 22 July 2020 and January 2021, we can expect one or two mega-tsunamis to strike as Kyrios has “observed” activities in the undersea volcanoes.

Countries surrounding the Pacific Ocean such as Japan, Papua New Guinea, and countries in the far eastern side of the ocean like Mexico and the United States of America will experience one or more of these disasters such as hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes, floods, and mega-tsunamis. These disasters may also impact The Philippines, China, Taiwan, Korea, and Indonesia.

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Kyrios says:

Another factor giving rise to the mega-tsunami is the melting of glaciers and ice caps, forming large quantities of seawater. Once the tsunami is formed, it may be beyond Kyrios’ abilities to stop it. However, as she is currently busy relieving the torrential rains and floods in Japan and China, and, despite her exhaustion, she is simultaneously putting out the intense wildfires in Siberia, she is therefore unable to divide her attention to mend the rapidly melting glaciers and ice caps. Meanwhile, she will still try her best to curb the violent eruptions among the undersea volcanoes beneath the Pacific Ocean to reduce the destructive impact of the impending disaster.

The occurrences of these disasters are closely related to the misconducts of humankind. Kyrios hopes that everyone can reduce or change our desires to decrease the burden that our Earth bears, and pray sincerely to the Heavenly Father (The Creator) for blessings and protection. Only then will we stand a chance to alleviate the sufferings brought by the disasters and the loss of lives. From today onward, we must love and protect Nature as well as our Earth!