Why will Earth face a shortage of food???


The world will soon be deprived of food!

“Half of Earth will experience extremely high temperatures and intense drought while the other half will be covered in snow and ice. The simultaneous occurrence of heat and cold will impair the ability of food crops to grow. The entire world will become a land without food; people will go hungry, and many will have no means of livelihood.”

[Prophecy Update - 24 Feb 2020]

There will be a severe shortage of food on a global scale, and food prices will skyrocket. Many will go hungry and even starve to death.

Many unethical business owners will hoard food items with no intention of selling, so even people with money will not be able to buy food. Kyrios hopes that everyone will not wait until there is no food before starting to worry. Everyone must believe in the existence of Heaven and Earth and that all disasters are caused by humanity.

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