[Prophecy Update]

On 11 May 2020,

Kyrios witnessed visions of Japan’s future, and within these prophetic visions, 4 words “赤月剂光” appeared. In the darkness, Japan will experience a water-related disaster. Kyrios prophesied, “The disaster will happen this year, in 2020.”

Beginning June 2020, the Japanese must sincerely repent to the Heavenly Father (The Creator) and plead for His aid to avoid the impending nation-ruining disaster!

Kyrios prophesies once again:

Between 2038 and the 2040s, undersea volcanic ranges in Japan will erupt. The violent force of the earthquakes and strong bursts of monstrous tsunamis will devour and submerge large swathes of the country’s landmass. All of Japan, the island nation, will eventually sink and be wiped out.

Kyrios had prophesied that in 2028, the end of the world would occur!

To this day, Kyrios is still troubled by this prophecy, because Kyrios’ prophecies have never been wrong. Kyrios hopes that everyone can unite and work together with her to seek breakthroughs to avoid the predestined catastrophic fate and stop the end of the world from befalling upon us.

Kyrios says:

If we can wholeheartedly repent and correct our misdeeds, then humanity will be able to change the fates of Heaven and Earth, our planet, and all Life in this world! We, humans, can unite to stop the end of the world from happening!