What is Space Healing?

As the number of people seeking Kyrios’ treatment grew, and as she began to travel much more often, Kyrios started to heal people remotely over the mobile phone. This unique method of healing is termed “Space Healing” because it is not limited by any distance or the patients’ locations. As such, patients from all corners of the world can be healed by Kyrios.

Regardless of the physical, psychological, or spiritual maladies plaguing the ailing, patients under Kyrios’ treatments need only heed Kyrios’ advice, follow her prescribed dietary remedies, and complement the healing with the appropriate changes in their to benefit from Kyrios “Space Healing”.

Today, Kyrios continues to rely on this method of healing to tirelessly save countless people, curing them of various illnesses, chronic ailments and disabilities, as well as life threatening diseases and conditions such as COVID-19 and Cancer. Please keep in mind that Kyrios does not accept monetary payments for her healing and she asks that patients undergoing her healing to correct their misconducts and change to become a better person by practising Universal Truth Self-cultivation.

What is this “Heavenly Energy” that’s used during “Space Healing”? How does it work?

Characteristics of Kyrios’ Heavenly Energy

Heavenly Energy bestowed by Kyrios during “Space Healing” can take on many forms. As such, the experiences of the patients are highly varied. However, in general, patients imparted with the Heavenly Energy often feel either a warm or a cooling sensation during the healing session. Some may feel tangible physical sensation as the Heavenly Energy interacts with their body. To many, Kyrios’ Heavenly Energy is invisible to the naked eye, and it may even be undetectable by modern implements. However, the more perceptive among us may be able to see it.

Physiological effects of Kyrios’ Heavenly Energy

Kyrios’ Heavenly Energy has been observed to be able to interact with the human body and material objects. Patients receiving the Heavenly Energy reported feeling more comfortable and having their conditions and symptoms alleviated.

The Energy has also been attested to be able to stop bleeding; reconnecting severed blood vessel; promote cellular activity and revitalising organs; increase blood oxygen and platelet levels; eliminate pathogens and cancer cells; shrink abnormal growths in the body such as tumours; redirect toxic and waste accumulation in the body; soften hardened excrements within the rectum to facilitate healthy bowel movement; disintegrate kidney or bile stones; liquefy congealed plaque within blood vessels; and more.

Watch testimonial videos from Kyrios’ patients to understand more on how Kyrios’ healing methods have helped them.

How is “Space Healing” conducted?

Kyrios’ healing methods often do not require the patient to be in her vicinity or sight. Thus, for communication and identification of the patient during healing sessions, Kyrios relies on a mobile phone. While the methods in which she employs Space Healing in her treatment may differ, it can be broken down into three elements.


Kyrios performs a quick diagnosis by literally “scanning” the physical, soul, and mental conditions of patients with her clairvoyant eyes. Kyrios will then describe in varying details the nature and cause of the illness or disability. Kyrios’ extraordinary perception is such that she is able to accurately identify a patient’s ailment, even describing in great detail the shape and colour of pathogens or the conditions of unhealthy organs or body parts. Much to patients’ and even doctors’ surprise when they find out about them later.


Kyrios may give specific advice and instructions to facilitate the healing process. It can be in the form of dietary restrictions, prescribed dietary remedies, lifestyle changes, or complements to Kyrios’ treatment using selected traditional herbal formulations, etc.

If the patient has a congenital disability, Kyrios may ask the patient and his/her family to sincerely pray to Heavenly Father (The Creator) to seek forgiveness and redemption. This is because, congenital disabilities are usually manifestations of one’s karmic burden, and thus, the person is destined to bear the affliction during his/her lifetime.


When healing, Kyrios may bestow Heavenly Energy upon the patient. The process of bestowal also differs: Kyrios may at times chant aloud and gesticulate to facilitate the Heavenly Energy’s projection. Please note that depending on Kyrios’ discretion, multiple Healing Sessions may be needed to cure the ailment.

What is your advice for patients who may be or are currently receiving Kyrios’ treatment/Space Healing?

  1. Have faith and keep an open mind

    Kyrios’ methods may have yet to be accredited by the scientific bodies or medical practitioners, but many who underwent her treatment recovered. Kyrios also saved many with life-threatening conditions, such as those with fatal wounds and the terminally ill. So, believe in Kyrios and keep an open mind. After all, Kyrios’ “Space Healing” has proven results. However, this does not mean Kyrios’ “Space Healing” can cure all kinds of ailments. Kyrios will assess the patients’ conditions first before telling them the extent at which they will recuperate.

  2. Follow Kyrios’ advice and instructions

    Because many ailments stem from unhealthy habits or other underlying factors, patients may be required to make permanent, major changes to daily routines and diet. During the course of treatment, it is advisable to avoid meat. We understand that sudden, drastic lifestyle changes may be challenging to adapt. Nonetheless, we ask patients to heed these instructions as those who follow them recuperate more quickly with no future relapses.

  3. Always be polite and grateful

    Kyrios spends considerable time and effort to alleviate each of her many patients’ suffering every day while at the same time intervening and resolving global disasters, to the extent that Kyrios often even neglects her own affairs and health. As such, it may be hard to contact Kyrios due to her many commitments, and we ask patients to remain respectful and patient. Rest assured that Kyrios is always looking out for her patients’ well-being.

    Kyrios does all this out of genuine compassion and expects no monetary payment for her exertions. We sincerely hope that patients do not take such selfless kindness for granted, and instead, be thankful to Kyrios and Heavenly Father (The Creator) for Kyrios’ efforts.

  4. Become a better person in life

    It is Kyrios’ sincere wish that patients she healed will become better people in life. Disabilities, chronic ailments, misfortune, and maladies are often the result of accumulations of sins exacting their toll. They may also be caused by poor lifestyle and dietary choices. Therefore, to be liberated from such torments, there must be corresponding changes made to the patient’s habits, diet, values, and conduct. Otherwise, recovered patients may relapse or continue to be tormented by other illnesses or misfortunes in the future.

    Kyrios says that the only way for people to alter their fates is by changing oneself for the better. They can do so by forsaking their wrongful ways, reflecting upon their wrongdoings, and correcting their behaviours by practising Universal Truth Self-cultivation — embodying goodness and righteousness according to the laws of Heaven and principles of Earth.

  5. Testimonial

    Led by Kyrios, Divine Healer Singapore is on a mission to save life and save the world without any benefits in return. In order for us to do that, we need to collect authentic testimonials of the healings, miracles and other work that Kyrios does, and share them on social media and to other members of the public to raise awareness for our mission. Therefore, those who have recovered from Kyrios’ healing are required to provide a video record of their testimonial.